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HalloQueen Fest Welcomes Pets Too!

We Love Our Pet Families!

You may ask, Is my pet allowed to join us for fun at HalloQueen? YES! Family fun is not just for humans. We recognize that not everyone has kids. Instead, they have fur babies! Any well-behaved pets are welcomed at HalloQueen Fest. There are some rules that we have in place for the safety of everyone at the fest. Please NOTE questions regarding service animals; please review our accessibility page. Service animals are always welcomed at any of our events.

HalloBark Friends: About

FAQ About HalloBark Friends

HalloBark Friends: FAQ

Does my pet have to be on a leash?

Yes, All Animals must be on a leash at all times. This is just for s safety of all guests and pets.

Does my pet have to be updated on shots/vaccines?

Yes, Just like humans, We don't want any pets that are sick at the fest and pass on sickness to others

Do I need to bring pet bags?

Yes, You are required to pick up after your pet every time.

Will there be a pet station?

Yes, We will provide a pet refresh station; the station will have fresh water, a small pool to cool off (Weather Depending) with a shaded area.

Drag Queen Storytime-Kentucky Liability notice.
Drag Queen Storytime-Kentucky and its partners are NOT and cannot be held responsible for any injuries, deaths, acts of gods, weather, etc., for any reason. YOU ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

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